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Frank Marion, [email protected]
Date Created: August 18, 2001 6:11:18 PM
Last Modified: August 18, 2001 7:07:08 PM

PURPOSE of this document:

1) It will allow you to set the account's web root path to a variable.

    -> C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\ (Windows)
    -> /usr/local/apache/myaccount/ (*nix)

2) It will allow you to set an explicit path from the rootfolder in which this document resides. Useful if you want to create relative paths to files that are to be included into another in a different directory. Works on both win and *nix.


<cf_GetPath OutputType="Path|Root" ShowDebug="Yes|No">
	template="cf_GetPath.cfm"	<- Path to this document [Required]
	OutputType="Path|Root"	<- Display the account root, or an explicit path? 
	ShowDebug="Yes|No">	<- Display this document's debugging information?


	OutputType:	Optional.	Default: Path
	ShowDebug:	Optional.	Defaults: No

   You may then refer to the variable as ThePath as such:

	<cfset MyVariableName = "#ThePath#">


This tag is freeware (NOT public domain). I retain all rights. You may make unlimited use of this tag for any purpose, personal or as part of a commercial work (not including re-distribution),providing that these comments are kept intact and that any changes you make are clearly documented in the comments, in your own name should you choose to re-transmit it with modification.

In other words: Use this freely, share it with your friends, use it in your commercial projects, but you may NOT re-distribute tag for a fee. It's free, give me credit of authorship and don't sell it as your own, or in a collection of some sort. If you aren't clear about this, or wish to use it in a different manner, I welcome your inquiries.

As usual, no warranties or guarantees of usefulness or even fitness for any purpose are made. This script is written as well as I know how to, and in using this, you agree to take complete responsibility for anything that may go wrong.

If you use it, please send me an email, just to that I can know my work is useful to others. Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions. I especially welcome letters from developers who might have constructive feedback or alternate approaches. Frank Marion, [email protected]

Latency and download speeds
Often times I see sites with a million small images for a nav bar. I often prefer to use fewer but larger images. While an image map, or a larger images may be heavier in k, there is far less latency; the browser may have to download 10 k instead of 8k, but it only needs to send a request to the server once, as opposed to once per 1k image. Try it, quite often, you can speed up the download by many factors. You'll probably find that the browser renders it faster too.

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